Luxury Penthouses in the heart of London's West End

These luxury penthouse apartments, in the heart of London’s shopping district, were to be offered as fully furnished, ‘turnkey’ developments, finished to the highest possible specification. The developers were keen to include the latest in home technology with music, home cinema and control of lighting and environment but were concerned all this technology would result in a host of complicated, unsightly and recalcitrant systems that could easily put off the potential buyer.

A simple, elegant and intuitive solution

Given the brief, it was clear a centralised Crestron control system would offer the best solution, bringing all the technology systems into one interface that allowed simple, intuitive operation of all the technology systems in the apartments. Audio-visual, environmental and security systems are all controlled via the Crestron touch-screens and keypads. A Crestron App also allows control of the system via portable Android and Apple devices.

Crestron environmental control

Each apartment was fitted with under-floor heating, air conditioning and heat recovery ventilation. Separate control of these systems would be complex for the end user and potentially result in inefficient operation where air-conditioning and heating work against one another. Crestron integration avoids these problems. The occupant has simply to select the desired temperature and hours operation for each area and Crestron does the rest, operating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning to maintain the desired temperature in the most energy efficient manner.

Crestron lighting and window dressing

Each apartment was fitted with a carefully designed lighting system, intended to make the most of the beautiful interiors. Each room had several circuits which could be independently dimmed to achieve the desired lighting effect. Using traditional light switches and dimmers would mean the occupant would have to switch and manually adjust each of these circuits whenever they entered to room. ClearSphere installed a centralised Crestron lighting system to solved this problem: Traditional light switches and dimmers are replaced with elegant Crestron keypads that allow the occupant to select from a range of preset lighting scenes, instantly dimming each lighting circuit to the desired level. The electric blinds and curtains is also integrated into the Crestron system, allowing control from the same keypad. An additional benefit of centralised lighting is the ability to switch off all the lights in the apartment from the front door and the Master Bedroom.

Crestron multi-room audio-visual

All AV systems are controlled via Crestron. Central hardware is stored, out of view, in a central equipment rack and music from the radio, iPod and music server is selected and played in each room via the Crestron wall mounted and portable touch-screens. Video sources are also stored centrally and connected to each of the 6 TVs via the Crestron Digital Media video distribution system. TVs are also controlled via the Crestron system, removing the need for multiple remote controls The result is a discreet and powerful audio visual system that allows quick and simple control of all AV hardware via a single, elegant, intuitive to use Crestron remote.

Crestron security and access control

Each apartment is fitted with an alarm system and connection to the door entry point at the main entrance. Both these systems are integrated with Crestron for control via the wall mounted touch-screen: The alarm can be set and monitored via a dedicated page on the screen and, when the door bell is rung, an audio and video link to the front door is brought up on the screen.

The right result

ClearSphere supplied, installed and programmed a Crestron home automation system that made the operation of technology in these high spec apartments simplicity itself. The quality of this installation was recognised by Crestron when they awarded the project 'Best High Rise Living' in the prestigious annual Crestron awards.



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ClearSphere win 7 Crestron awards in the last 5 years...

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