Fulham Family Home

ClearSphere installed a comprehensive Crestron AV and home automation system in this high spec Fulham renovation.

Quick response

The clients approached ClearSphere after purchasing a half-completed in-progress development. They wanted to upgrade the technology specification to a full-blown Crestron control system that included AV, lighting and environment control. Coming in so late to the project meant that ClearSphere had to move quickly: We turned around the design within a week and finished the project within two months.

A family friendly brief

The clients were a busy professional couple with a young family, so time spent at home was precious. This meant a discreet, high-end AV system was a must but the home should also have systems to enhanced security and comfort.

A comfortable environment

Both heating and lighting are controlled via the Crestron control system. Temperature for each floor and daily programs can be set simply and intuitively from touch screens or remotely via the internet. Air conditioning is also controlled via the Crestron system, automatically switching on when temperatures creep up in the summer.

The Crestron, centralised lighting control allows preset moods to be selected in each room, making the most of the John Cullen designed lighting scheme. Daily lighting programs turn on exterior and feature lights in the evening then off when the clients retire. The centralised system also has the advantage of allowing control of all the lights in the home from any keypad so all lights in the home can be switch off at same time from the front door or bedside.

Elegant multi-room AV

As with all our Crestron installations, control of televisions and music is via a single elegant and intuitive touch-screen in each room.

Music is provided to all principe rooms via Crestron Adanto amplifiers and top-of-the-range in-ceiling speakers by SpeakerCraft. The minimalist feel of the kitchen is preserved through using the revolutionary Stealth Acoustic plaster-in speakers, that are completely invisible to the naked eye. Velodyne in-wall sub woofers are used in the Drawing Room and Kitchen to enhance low frequency sound. The result is an exceptionally high quality sound system with minimal visual impact.

High definition video is distributed through the home from AV sources in the central media rack. This means that the clients can view high-definition pictures from Sky, BluRay or Apple TV from all TV's in the home.

High quality home cinema

The basement media room offers a high-tec sanctuary where the clients can relax after a hard day. The 50" Pioneer TV and Bowers & Wilkins speaker system deliver a truly spectacular home-cinema experience.

A secure home

Security was a priority for these clients so ClearSphere fitted a 4 camera CCTV system with hard-disk recorder. All cameras can be viewed from both televisions and Crestron touch-screens. Camera images can also be viewed remotely via the internet. Security is enhanced by the Crestron lighting control system through simulated occupancy program, activated when the clients are away.

Spectacular results

The end result is a modern an luxurious home for the 21st Century. A home packed full of technology that entertains, protects and takes care of the occupants without interfering with the attractive decor.

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