Crestron home automation and Lutron lighting for Surrey mansion

ClearSphere were approached by property developers The Hystar Group when developing a high-spec prestige property in the affluent Surrey suburb of Kingswood. They wanted their development to incorporated the latest lighting, audiovisual and home automation systems while keeping within a tight budget.

ClearSphere worked with Hystar to develop a specification that would give their development the ‘wow-factor’ they were looking for without breaking the bank.

Lutron lighting control 

ClearSphere installed a Lutron Homeworks centralised lighting control system covering the entire property. A Homeworks system is the ideal solution for large houses with designer lighting: .

Pre-programmed lighting moods: lights dim to the right level at the touch of a button.

Automatic control of exterior and feature lights: The home always appears warm and welcoming..

Simulated occupancy:  Lights and curtains operate when the house is unoccupied

Energy efficient: Compatible with low energy and LED lighting.

Crestron multi-room AV

The Crestron touch-screens lie at the heart of the entertainment system, giving full control of music sources & televisions. iPod tracks, radio stations and CD’s can all be accessed and browsed from touch-screens and  televisions, Sky Boxes, cinema amps and BluRay players are all controlled from the single device. Anyone who has tried to operate a home cinema system with separate remotes for each piece of hardware will appreciate the benefit of replacing all these with a single hand-held touch screen that controls everything simply and intuitively.

The iPod dock is a particular hit with the new owners: “Being able to dock any iPod or iPhone then instantly play music from anywhere in the house is a real benefit.”

Comprehensive communications

ClearSphere installed a door entry system by BPT for control of electric pedestrian and vehicle gates. The system is linked to a Panasonic PBAX telephone exchange, allowing two-way communication with the entry stations. The PBAX system has the added benefit of acting as an intercom between rooms. A full Cat6 data network was also installed along with 4 wireless access points for reliable WiFi throughout.

CCTV & security

ClearSphere installed 4 CCTV cameras, covering the exterior of the property, with viewing via TV’s and wall mounted touch-screens. Images are recorded to a hard disk and can also be accessed remotely via the internet so the owners can check their home when away.

An elegant and intuitive home

ClearSphere successfully met Hystar’s goals in delivering an impressive audiovisual and home automation system while keeping costs within budget.

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ClearSphere win 7 Crestron awards in the last 5 years...

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