Crestron Home Control Systems

ClearSphere specialise in the supply and installation of Crestron Home Automation Systems. We have won 5 Crestron Integration Awards in recognition of our work.

Crestron Awards

Finger tip control over your entertainment, your environment and your security.Crestron touch screen

Today's luxury homes bristle with a host of technologies that the user has to understand and control. TVs, music, lighting, heating, air-condition; door-entry and security systems all require their own controls, making for a cluttered interior and confusion for the user. Crestron is the solution to this problem: A Crestron system integrates all these elements into one set of elegant controls with a bespoke interface programmed specifically for the property. This creates a simplified user experience with simple, logical operation of all systems in the home.

Crestron and your entertainment

A Crestron system distributes audio and video around the home and replaces multiple remotes for control of TVs, satellite boxes, BluRay players etc., with a single, user interface that offers powerful, joined-up control of all AV components. Crestron Digital Media Logo

Crestron 'Digital Media' Video Distribution: Crestron's Digital Media system distributes video from central sources to TVs throughout the home. This gives users access to a large range of media and allows AV components to be installed, out of view, in a central AV rack. The Digital Media range spans 4 output up to 128 output systems and can use both Cat5 and fibre-optic cable. Crestron were pioneers in the development of HDMI distribution systems and their latest 4K 'Ultra HD' compatible hardware is the leader in it's class.

Crestron Sonnex LogoCrestron Sonnex Multi-room Audio: Crestron Sonnex combines high quality audio amplifiers with onboard matrix switching. Sonnex components can be connected to each other via a single Cat5 or fiber optic link meaning expansion amplifiers can be spread across a building, avoiding overly long speaker cables. The system can be expanded to a maximum of 74 zones of audiophile quality stereo sound.

Crestron and your environment

A Crestron environmental control system gives simple and powerful control over lighting and HVAC systems within the home. Lights, climate and ventilation are all controlled via the intuitive to use Crestron touch-screens and elegant wall mounted keypads. Lighting levels, room temperatures, daily heating timers and ventilation systems can all be selected and set simply and easily.Crestron house

Crestron lighting control: A Crestron centralised lighting control system provides mood lighting for individual rooms and whole-home lighting control features such as simulated occupancy and 'all off' switching. Crestron produce a comprehensive range of lighting control products including a broad range of keypads and finishes. The system in compatible with a range of lighting control protocols including, DMX, 0-10V and the latest LED light fittings.

Crestron heating, ventilation and AC control: Integrating climate control with Crestron gives fully interlocked control of HVAC systems for simple, efficient, room-by-room control of climate. Interlocked zone control maximises energy efficiency by ensuring heating and AC work with, rather than against, one another and zoned control ensures only rooms in use are heated. The system can also be accessed remotely so heating can be activated over the internet. The Crestron system is capable of monitoring as well as controlling hardware so, if a component reports a fault, the Crestron system will send an email to the relevant engineer.

Crestron electric blinds and curtains: Crestron produce a range of electric curtain tracks and blinds, specifically designed to work in conjunction with Crestron home automation hardware. Both blinds and curtain motors use Crestron's 'Quiet Motor Technology' for practically silent operation. A broad range of off-the-shelf fabrics are available for Crestron blinds but they can also be made with client specified fabrics.

Crestron and your security

Crestron will integrated with a range of security systems for control via the Crestron touch-screens, these include: door-entry; CCTV; intruder alarm and fire alarm.

Crestron door-entry: Integrating door-entry with Crestron allows full audio/video communication with entry station via the wall-mounted Crestron touch-screens. The system will cope with multiple entry stations and also allow activation of vehicle gates, entrance gates and door locks.

CCTV: A Crestron system will integrate with multiple CCTV cameras for viewing via touch-screens and TVs. Cameras can be selected, viewed and moved via the Crestron system and programmed to come on if the door-bell is pressed or security PIRs are activated. Our CCTV systems also allow remote access to live and recorded images via the internet.

Intruder alarm: Crestron will connect to a variety of intruder alarm systems to allow activation via Crestron touch screens. This removes the need for additional wall stations and simplifies part setting and monitoring.

Fire alarm: A Crestron system will monitor the status of a fire alarm and, in the event the alarm is activated, can react as required, turning on lights and shutting off non essential services etc.

If you would like to learn more about the the Crestron systems we install please visit the [Our Projects] page.

ClearSphere win 7 Crestron awards in the last 5 years...

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