Kaleidescape media servers

ClearSphere are an approved Kaleidescape dealer and installer specialising in home cinema and home automation systems for London and the South-East.

All your music and movies in one placeKaleidescape cinema

Kaleidescape lead the market in reliable, robust and intuitive-to-use media servers. A Kaleidescape system will store literally thousands of movies and CDs in one central location, then let you instantly access your media from televisions around the home. Kaleidescape also have an online store allowing access to a vast movie library in un-compressed BluRay quality.

Crestron touch screenSimple to use

Kaleidescape’s intuitive on-screen interface makes even the largest collection manageable. You can browse through your films and albums cover by cover and search by title, genre, artist and even duration. Playback is instant as the Kaleidescape system will take you directly to the start of the film, cutting out trailers and copyright warnings.

The Kaleidescape media server is one of the few on the market that allow you to directly download a BluRay, DVD or CD onto the system. Simply insert a disk into the front of the Kaleidescape media server at it does the rest; downloading the album or movie, indexing it and retrieving the cover art and track information from the internet.

Kaleidescape easily integrates with touch-screen control systems such as Crestron, letting you browse and select albums and DVDs directly from a touch-panel.

High quality audio and video

Kaleidescape offers a true, uncompressed reproduction of BluRay content, both from disks physically stored on the system and from films downloaded from the Kaleidescape store. This puts Kaleidescape in a class of it's own when compared to other media servers and movie streaming services on the market; no other service offers the same level of performance.

Easily expandable

The Kaleidescape system splits into two lines to suit the needs and budget of different users:

Kaleidescape Cinema1Kaleidescape Cinema 1: The Cinema 1 is Kaleidescape's entry level product, capable of storing up to 600 DVDs and, when combined with the the Kaleidescape Disk Vault, up to 100 BluRay disks.The system can be expanded through adding a second player, increasing storage to 1,200 DVDs and 200 BluRays. The Cinema 1 offers the same intuitive user interface as the Premier Line and access to the Kaleidescape online store. The Cinema 1 retails at £2,745.Kaleidescape media server

Kaleidescape Premier Line: The premier range is designed for situations where the requirement for storage and the number of players exceeds that offered by the Cinema 1. Kaleidescape's modular design means there is virtually no limit to the size of a system; additional zone players and storage vaults can be added simply and easily allowing the system to grow with the client's movie collection. Prices for the Kaleidescape Premier System start around £11,000

No other media server comes close to offering the same level of quality, reliability and usability,making Kaleidescape the only sensible solution for storing and accessing a large DVD or BluRay collection.

ClearSphere win 7 Crestron awards in the last 5 years...

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